Pramia Salmiakki Lakritsi 21 %

Salty and sweet salmiac licorice liqueur

A sweet blend of flavors: something salty and a little bit sweet. Its sinfully enticing color, mouthwatering taste, and delicious scent lead you straight to the candy aisle. Ready to enjoy!

Bottle Size: 35 cl
Category: Salmiac Liqueurs
Description:Dark brown, light, licorice aroma, light salmiac aroma
Ingredients: Ethanol, sugar, spring water, ammonium chloride and licorice
Alko Product Number: 252684
ABV: 21 %
Extract: 180 g/l
Sugar Content: 150 g/l
Energy: 180 kcal / 100 ml (740 kJ / 100 ml)