Vallaton Päärynäkermalikööri 15 %

Cream liqueur with pear taste

Vallaton is a fun and delightful beverage. It is a pale green, toffee-flavored cream liqueur with pear, suitable for various uses. Enjoy cool with ice or mix with milk for a tasty drink!

Bottle Size: 50 cl
Category: Cream Liqueurs
Description: Pale green, cloudy, medium full bodied, pear aroma, cream toffee notes, vanilla notes
Ingredients: Cream, ethanol, spring water, sugar, pear and banana
Alko Product Number: 263906
ABV: 15 %
Extract: 155 g/l
Sugar Content: 170 g/l
Energy: 290 kcal / 100 ml (1200 kJ / 100 ml)