Using cookies – Pramia Oy


A cookie is a file stored on the user’s computer by the service provider’s web server. In practice, a cookie is a small, unnamed user-specific text file that is stored within the user’s browser. The server can read the cookie later, allowing the browser to be identified (when the user returns to a previously visited site, for example). The cookie can be used later only by the server that stored it; the cookie cannot be used to identify the user and will not harm the user’s computer.

Cookies are generally divided into session-specific and permanent cookies. Session-specific cookies expire when the user leaves the web service, whereas permanent cookies are stored within the browser for a certain period of time or until the user deletes them. Cookies make the use of web sites easier and allow certain functionalities, such as remembering the session, user-specific personalisation of the site and easy authentication for the service.

We use cookies to enable the functionality of our service. Cookies also allow us to collect information about the terminal devices and browsers used by visitors to our site. The collected data can be used for analytics and the targeting of marketing. Cookies make our services easier to use and the marketing presented is more relevant and targeted.

The cookie only includes a unique, session-specific ID that can be used to identify the browser visiting the site.

By using our web site, you consent to the data handling described above. You may also deny the use of cookies, of course, but this may have downsides, as cookies are a technical solution in the execution of browser and www server protocols, and many Internet sites will not function properly without cookies. For more information about browser-specific user usage instructions, consult the browser manufacturer’s instructions.

You can clear your cookie history from the browser settings. This will delete the ID set in the browser and the web behaviour profile based on it. It will not prevent the storage of new cookies in the browser.